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Role Players Hunt

Role Players Hunt by Cherokeeh Asteria
Role Players Hunt, a photo by Cherokeeh Asteria on Flickr.
Theme: A new grid-wide hunt for role players. You know who they are… Gor, Medieval, Vampires, Lycans, Game of Thrones, Elves, Merfolk, Urban Combat, Star Wars… You name it, and someone is doing it on Second Life. Items to Enhance Role Play.
Hunt Name: Role Players Hunt
Hunt Date: June 15 – June 30
Applications Date: June 5
Organisers SL Name: Luna Tiros.

SLurl to starting location: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Blackthorne%20Fantasia/95/223/2513

Applications & More information on the blog here: http://redsilkproductions.wordpress.com/

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