lunes, 30 de enero de 2012

Alchemy Franchise, 50%

。✿^;^ ALCHEMY ^;^ 。✿ Franchise


*No lag 1 script
*Prices 100 to 290

Thank you for your interest in Alchemy Affiliate program


*59 SINGLE VENDORS 50% (Mody , copy)
you can change size.

The vendor have over tex when are rezz but disappears in 30 second.
*1 Logo store

*you can look somes examples in pic here


After paying the commission (between 2% and 5%) to the owner of the HippoVEND System (Andy Enfield) we will share the profit. You will get the 50% on each sale.

CAUTION !!!: If you buy from your *own* Catalogue Vendor you will not get commission ; this is in order to stop people grabbing our vendors just to get a discount. This rule is created by HippoVend vendors system and i can't change it.


The vendors (Hippo Vendor Elite System) are connected to the main server. Just rezz a Alchemy vendor, accept the profit splitting notice and the product will come online within seconds. When a customer purchases, you will get paid for him and the server delivers the product to the customer, then your account will automatically pay the server a % and another one to Morganaluna kingmaker your profit is 40% on each sale.

Vendors are: mod/copy/no trans, so you can place them in as many stores as you want. you can also resize them, but NEVER delete or modify any script inside them.


Always you have a need contact Morganaluna Kingmaker by note IMs are always caped and will be not answered. Notes from resellers or customers are a priority for us. If you don't receive answer in a shortly time (max. 24h) it means that we didn't receive your note or another problem happened, please, send it again.

If you have any question feel free to contact me, Morganaluna Kingmaker . When I'm not online send me a note due my IMs are always caped.

Morganaluna Kingmaker.

Strawberry coeyman is the original creator of these clothes, you're allowed to put my vendors Morganaluna Kingmaker in your store, all clothes are registered, any problems from customers or people outside, write a note to Morganaluna Kingmaker


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